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 Proudly Crafted in the U.S.A!

Founded by brothers Steve and Mike Vacek, Bohemian Brothers manufactures and distributes high quality Beard, Shaving and Skin Care products from our home town on Maryland's Eastern Shore.  

Our approach to grooming is simple: Produce Premium Quality Products, Treat our Customers Right, Offer Reasonable Prices, and Don't Take Life Too Seriously.   

We're everyday guys here at Bohemian Brothers. Our goal is to formulate and produce grooming products that perform better than the higher priced competition, and offer them at very reasonable price. We're everyday guys here; we know you work hard for your money, and feel that when shopping with us, you deserve to get your money's worth.  We've developed an exceptional brand and product line that offers a premium grooming experience at a price that wont break the bank. We use the absolute best ingredients to ensure every product lives up to our ridiculously high standards. We're proud of our reputation as an honest, straight-forward brand with products that speak for themselves and the old school customer service to back it up.  

It’s that attitude and our no-nonsense approach to the grooming business that have allowed us to grow from a small start-up to one of the trusted names in Premium Beard Care and Shaving in such a short time. Try us once and you'll find there's simply no substitute for Bohemian Brothers.