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You may be asking yourself, is there a difference between Beard Wash and regular old Shampoo?  Do I really need a special wash for my beard?  The answers to those questions are a big Yes and Yes!   In this entry to the Bohemian Brothers Ledger, we going to take a few minutes to discuss Why Beard Wash is Necessary….

Before we get into wash vs. shampoo, let’s talk about beard hygiene first.  Most grooming companies will say you only need to wash your beard 1-2 times per week.  That’s horrible advice.   When you’re out and about, your beard comes into contact with all kinds of nasty stuff; things like food, dust, dirt and grease. Most men use beard oil and balm daily to help style and condition their beard.  Although great for beard health, these products are like dirt magnets, and once they trap dirt they don’t let it go.  So dirt, grease, and grime build up in your beard and on your skin throughout the day.  If you don’t wash that stuff out, your beard looks dirty, your skin starts to itch and feel irritated, and you wind up with a funky smelling face.  

Here’s the deal with off the shelf, grocery store shampoo: It’s loaded with chemicals designed to strip oil and dirt from your hair and scalp.  It’s typically not designed to provide any significant conditioning when used by itself; it requires the use of a separate, chemical filled conditioner to keep the hair and skin from drying out. Obviously, when you’re trying to cleanse hair that’s already prone to being dry and brittle, regular shampoo will only make things worse in the long run.

This is where beard wash comes in.  Beard Wash is product specifically formulated for beard cleansing. A good beard wash should keep the beard clean and promote healthier skin.  Take Bohemian Brothers Beard Wash for instance.  It contains no harsh cleansers to dry out the skin and hair. It’s made primarily of water and an extremely mild cleansing agent to help remove dirt, dust, and grime.  Finally, it contains a beneficial blend of carrier oils to help replace any oils that are lost during the washing process.   One thing to note is the oils in Bohemian Brothers wash have not been saponified; they’ve not not been turned into harsh soap. In other words, unlike most other beard washes on the market(commonly just re-packaged shampoo or castile soap), Bohemian Brothers wash is loaded with raw, nutrient rich oil to help condition the beard as it cleanses.

Tip: check the ingredients of any beard wash you may be thinking about buying. If you see the word “hydroxide” anywhere on the label, the wash contains soap and will ultimately dry your beard and skin out with regular use.  

Listen, if there’s one lesson I’ve learned in life, it’s “if you’re going to do something(anything), do it right the first time.”   Taking care of your beard is no different. Don’t cut corners when it comes to caring for your beard.  It takes a dedicated routine, experience and the right tools for the job.  Choose the right products.  Develop a daily routine and stick to it.   Being lazy and cutting corners when it comes to beard products and hygiene won’t do you any favors in the long run.  Your beard deserves better than that.

As always, leave any comments you have below and feel free to contact us with any questions. If you found this article interesting or informative, please be sure to share it with your friends.

Until next time...Stay Bohemian!

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