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One good thing to come of the recent “beard” trend is beards are becoming more and more acceptable in social settings and in the workplace. Short beards, long beards, and everything in between; there are a ton of options when it comes to beard styles.  Shorter beards are easier to care for, obviously.  Longer beards take a bit more work.  Having a Epic Beard takes more than work, it takes a different kind of man!  In this article we’re going to review Three Tips for Growing an Epic Beard...

Prepare yourself

Growing an epic beard is not something for weak-minded men; its take serious commitment. If you’re used to shaving, or have never really allowed your beard to develop any length, get yourself ready for the long journey ahead. If your facial hair grows slowly, please remember patience is a virtue . There will be times when you’re ready to quit.  Stay focused. Stay Patient, Stay Committed!

bearded man in barbershop.

Embrace the Awkwardness.

Every man that grows out his beard goes through some sort of awkward, uncomfortable stage. You’ll have to deal with different types of beard itch. Uneven growth is also quite common in the early stages of beard growth. Combing or brushing helps stimulate follicles and train the heard to grown in the right direction. Not to mention, it feel amazing on the skin . This phase doesn’t last long, but this is typically the time that less dedicated men throw in the towel and shave.  Stay Strong and know that embracing and accepting this awkward stage will ultimately lead to your Epic Beard Goal...So hang in there.

styled beard and mustache

Develop a Grooming Routine

Just like the hair on your head, as your beard grows longer, it’s going to require proper care to keep it healthy. Dirt, grease, grime...they all get trapped in longer facial hair.  Without regular washing, expect your beard to look and smell disgusting.  Regular shampoo can rob the skin of natural oils, resulting in flakes and irritation. So, opt for a good beard wash to keep things clean. Quality Beard Oil will replace lost oils, keeping the skin soft and healthy.  Long beards wick away and evaporate moisture extremely fast. Beard balm helps seal up the hair to lock in moisture, and will provide a bit styling hold to keep your beard looking great throughout the day. Develop a routine that works for you and stick with it. Use premium beard care products,and use them often.  Proper care is key to any Epic Beard.

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