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Becoming a father is easily the coolest thing to happen to most men. It’s much more than a life changing experience; it’s a complete and total change in the way you approach life itself. I myself have been blessed with 5 ( yes Five) children; 4 rowdy boys, and a sweet, beautiful little girl. Sure, things get stressful at times...I have 5 kids.   But, being able to guide 4 young men along their journey to manhood is the single most rewarding aspect of being a parent thus far.  

While each of us has our own parenting style, with varying values and priorities, there are several traits or qualities every young boy should be taught.  So, in this entry of the Bohemian Brothers Ledger, let’s take a look at some Things Every Father Should Teach His Son.

 Father Son Advice. Bohemian Brothers


Children pay attention more than you think.  Much of what my boys have learned is simply by observing me. Teaching your son to be a gentleman is more about how you conduct yourself, and less about explaining how he should act.  A firm, confident handshake, holding the door for women, greeting people in a polite and positive manner; these are all traits you can pass on to your son by ensuring you perform these simple yet significant actions on a daily basis in front of him.  

It seems that many in today’s society and culture have forgotten two of the simplest and most respectful words one can speak; PLEASE and THANK YOU.  Teach your son to use these phrases by using them yourself.  Teach him to show respect to everyone he meets, but teach him to stand his ground when necessary.  Instill in him the confidence to stand up for his convictions, while doing so in a respectful manner...Remember, a gentleman can speak his mind without resorting to disrespectful insults.  



Opening and holding doors, giving up your seat on a crowded train, very simple gestures that are passed on from father to son through actions, much more than words. However, showing respect for women goes much, much deeper than that.   Teach your son to value the impact women will likely have on his life. Female traits complement our own, inherently masculine traits, and in instances, challenge and encourage us to become better, stronger men.

Lead by example.  If you’re married, be kind , and show affection toward your wife. Put her needs above your own. Take the time to listen to and converse with her...and do it front of your son. If you’re not married, always be respectful when talking to or about his mother.  If your relationship with her is “difficult”, always be the one to take the high road.  You’re son will learn to appreciate and respect you more in the long run.  

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We’ve already discussed teaching your son to be a gentleman. Respect for your elders is an extension of that concept. When an old timer takes time out of his or her day to impart their wisdom upon you, take the time to listen.  Be polite, greet them kindly, and always lend a bit of consideration to any advice they happen to pass along.  After all, any knowledge they do pass along has likely been attained through years of trial and error and “real life” experience. That type of knowledge is more valuable than anything your son can find on google. Our elders deserve our respect...they’ve earned it, and if not for them, we wouldn’t be here.



Instant gratification seems to be the trend in society today.  Young (and not so young) Men seem to feel entitled to whatever they desire.  They want what they want, and they want it NOW!  Unfortunately, as many of you already know, life doesn’t work that way for most of us.  Take the time to teach your son to work for what he wants. Whether a nice house, designer clothes, fast car (or jacked up truck) one is going to just hand those things over to your son because he wants them. He’ll have to earn them.  

Obviously, life isn’t just about material things.  A good career, lasting marriage, and even his relationships with his own children are going to require years of work and determination to maintain.  Make sure your son understands this concept early on in life, He’ll learn to appreciate things, and experience the satisfaction that follows when you finally finish a project or accomplish a goal that you’ve set for yourself.

  father son fist bump. Bohemian Brothers Grooming.


How a man chooses to wear his facial hair is a personal decision.  Many men shave daily or weekly, and many men choose to wear a beard.  Despite your personal preference, ultimately, the day will come when your son will choose how he prefers to keep his beard. Take the time to teach him proper grooming techniques.  

If he chooses to keep a beard, teach him proper beard care practices.  Explain the benefits of Beard Oil and Beard Balm.  Help him find which products work best for his beard type.  Talk to him about the importance of Washing and Trimming his beard.  And, perhaps most importantly, teach him how to use mustache wax (can’t stress that one enough).

If he chooses to shave, teach him “shave.”  Take some time to show him how to work up a good shave soap lather.  Talk to him about the benefits of Pre-Shave Oil.  How to hold a razor; and how to use it.  Teach him to study the way his facial hair grows and adjust his shaving technique accordingly.  Help him choose the right After Shave Balm.  Explain the differences to him.  Not to mention, you’ll get good a laugh when he tries an alcohol aftershave for the first time.  


Regardless of his grooming preference, the few minutes you two spend standing in front of the mirror is something he’ll appreciate immensely...and... you’ll create memories that will last him an entire lifetime.


I hope you enjoyed reading this entry as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Please be sure to pass it along.  Feel free to leave your comments below. As always, please feel free to email us at or message us on Facebook or Instagram @bohemianbrosbeard with any questions.

Until the next entry….Stay Bohemian!

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