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How to Grow a Beard: Your New Beard Survival Guide.


Finally, you’ve decided to grow out your beard. It’s about time.  While it may seem a simple as “don’t shave”, growing a beard is not for the weak-minded or faint of heart. Not to worry my friend, Bohemian Brothers Beard Company is here for you. Whether going for a short and tidy, or a preparing for life above the arctic circle, here’s what to expect and the info you need to survive the first leg of your journey to bearded awesomeness.

Week 1

If you’ve been shaving most of your adult life, the first week or two will be tough.  Have faith and be can do this.  Put down the razor and just Let It Grow.  Whatever you do, DO NOT SHAVE and DO NOT TRIM.  Yes, you’ll look like you’ve been on a 4 day drinking binge, but this is to be expected.  Just relax and as I said before...have faith.  You’ve just taken the first step to finally becoming the man you always knew you could be!

Week 2

Depending the rate of hair growth, the beginning of week two is typically when New Growth Itch sets in. (get the details on New Growth Itch here)  DO NOT SCRATCH. Scratching leads to beardruff and possibly a nasty infection.  Stay strong and be determined.

Now is the time to invest is a good beard oil, something like Revival or Bohemian Reserve from Bohemian Brothers.  A few drops massaged into the beard every morning will help keep the hairs smooth and soft, and reduce New Growth Itch.  

Week 3

By the end of week two, and into week three, you’ll start to notice your beard taking shape. It’s important to stay determined since this is the week when you finally start to get a sense for what you’ve got to work with.  Will your beard be thick and full, or thin and patchy?  This is when your beard begins starts to reveal itself.

Remember, growth is still priority #1 here.  DO NOT TRIM!  Yes, your face will likely still itch.  The skin is still sensitive and the hairs are still sharp.  Keep using the beard oil to minimize itch and irritation.

Week 4

If you made it this far, Congrats!  The hardest part is behind you.  New Growth Itch should be a thing of the past and your beard is finally starting to look like, well, a beard. It’s time to start thinking about your preferred style.  Square? Round? Short? Long?

Notice I said it’s time to start “thinking” about your style.   Unless this is the length you plan on keep your beard DO NOT TRIM!  If you like, you can line up the cheeks and trim your mustache.  However, if you’re considering wearing your mustache a bit longer, leave the stache alone.  

This is also the week that you’ll want to start training your beard and mustache.  Use a boar bristle brush each time you apply beard oil to help distribute the oils evenly and train the hair.  Pick up a good medium hold mustache wax.  The wax will keep the hairs out of your mouth and give your stache an overall tidy appearance. Handlebars are optional, not required. Applying stache wax isn’t all that difficult. Check out our Mustache Wax Tutorial for more info.

Week 5

Now it’s time to decide on a style.  If you’re satisfied with the length, feel free to trim around the edges and shape things up a bit..but just a bit.  You’re beard is still growing and it will continue to fill in over the coming weeks.  

If you’re going for a longer style beard, forget trimming.  Line things up again if you like but let the rest grow.  It’s important to refrain from trimming until your beard is just slightly longer than your desired length.  That way, when you finally do decide to trim, your beard will be just right.

Continue to use beard oil to prevent Chronic Beard Itch.  Balm is also an option at this point as the longer hair should respond well to the heavier balm. It will help keep the fly-away hairs under control and provide extra nourishment for your man mane.

It’s also time to pick yourself up a decent trimmer or set of shears... scissors to us Old School guys.  Unless “Neanderthal” is your chosen beard style, you’re going to be trimming often.  It pays to have the right tools for the job when the time comes.

A few parting tips:

1) Unless you happen to get fairly dirty when working, you really only need to wash your beard 2-3 times per week.  Washing strips away natural oils and leaves the beard dry and dull.  

2) Use mustache wax regularly. A well groomed mustache will make a world of difference to the overall style and appearance of your beard.

3) Use beard oil daily.  The added moisture and nourishment will help keep your beard and skin soft and give it a nice, healthy shine.

4) Carry a good beard comb with you to help train and style the beard throughout the day. Wooden beard combs are great for de-tangling after the shower. A good acrylic comb is perfect for on-the-go styling.

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