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How To Eat With A Mustache And Beard.


In my opinion, the biggest obstacle to overcome when growing a beard is having to relearn how to eat and drink some of your favorite foods.  Unless you keep your beard on the short side, there will be at least one food you’ll have to re-master. In today's article, I'll give you some tips on how to eat with a beard and mustache.

1. Train Your Mustache to the Side

As you start to grow your mustache, I recommend you start training as soon as possible. 

Using mustache wax and combing it to the side when it’s short will train the hairs to stay out of your mouth as it gets longer. This is an important step that many men fail to do until their mustache is already getting the way.  So...Train Early, Train Often

2. Smaller Bites

Nothing really complicated with this one. Simply slow down and take smaller bites.

3. Open Wide

I’m not suggesting you make a scene here by seeing just how wide you can go.  However, you should get into the habit of opening a bit wider than you’re used to.  It will feel uncomfortable at first...but when you finally stop taking bites out of your mustache, you’ll thank yourself.   

4. Utensils

The technical word for forks, spoons, and knives. Even for foods that typically don't require utensils, they’ll become absolutely necessary.

If your mustache has some serious length to it, using the right utensil will help guide the food into your mouth and minimize the likelihood of getting a mouthful of hair along with your pizza or sandwich

5. Straws, Cans, and Bottles

If you’re anything like me, you probably enjoy whiskey and coke or a cold draft beer every now and then. If so, straws, cans, bottles and lids will quickly become your best friend.

If you choose to forego the above mentioned items, be prepared with some extra napkins, and carry mustache wax with you at all me

Foods to Avoid:

As far as I’m concerned, there are no foods to avoid...except ice cream cones(in public)  There just no easy way to tackle that beast; at least none that I have been able to figure out.  If you have any tips for that, please send them my way......PLEASE.  

I have heard way too many guys talk about how you really should avoid certain foods.  It always ends up being this ridiculously long list of foods: Hot dogs, Burgers, Wings, Cream Cheese, Soups, Stews, you name it...basically, they tell you to avoid all of the good stuff.  That's absurd!

If you happen to have a sizable beard and mustache, it just means you need to be more mindful of your eating technique. Just take your time, follow these tips and use mustache wax  Or, at the very least, keep napkins handy and wipe often so your date doesn’t have to start at that glob of mustard all night.



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