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How To Deal With A Patchy Beard


Having a beard is like being in a relationship. No matter how much you love your beard, there will be times when it frustrates the hell out of you. You WILL have bad beard days. You WILL get food caught in your beard from time to time. However, bad beard days aside, there is one issue that for some, can't be avoided or remedied with a little extra balm or a good shampoo; Patchy Beard.  Having a patchy beard is genetic, and every guy is different, but for men whose beards appear to be less dense, especially on particular areas of their faces, it’s easy to get self-conscience or defensive when their bearded brothers take the time to point it out to them.  When it comes to patchy beards, the number of men affected is much a larger bunch than you might expect.

Based on my experience, there are three instances in which men typically have to deal with a patchy beard:

First, is the patchy beard many of us beardsmen experience during the early stages of beard growth.  For the first few weeks, the beard appears thin and patchy in spots, but fills in over the course of a few months.  One day, you look in the mirror and realize you’re rocking a full-on man mane. Beard hair grows at different rates, and it’s important to keep that in mind. If you start off patchy, be patient.  Give it a few weeks(or months) to see how your beard fills in.  You’ll likely be surprised at how little patchiness remains.  Having a patchy beard a few weeks into growing your new beard doesn't necessarily mean you’ll have a patchy beard 3 months from now.  Also, keep in mind that you’re likely to be entirely too critical when it comes to evaluating your beard growth.  You’ll track your progress, making note of every “imperfection”, while other people will simply see a beard.  

Second, if you’ve given it a few months and your beard is still patchy, you may want to opt for a shorter beard style.  Shorter beards typically attract less attention.  Less attention means less people taking notice of the patchiness.

Finally,  many first time beard growers have somewhat unrealistic expectations regarding what they think their beard should look like.  99% of men have beards that grow unevenly, and perhaps thicker or thinner in certain spots.  A perfect beard is practically unheard; the rest of us beardsmen simply need to understand that fact and accept our beards for what they are...a symbol of our manhood...they're a part of who we are.

Your testosterone levels plays a very significant role in hair growth. If you'd like to go all-out in your quest conquer your patchy beard and potentially increase your beard growth from the inside, check out this awesome, in-depth guide on Testosterone by our friends over at

Stay Bearded. Stay Bohemian!

We'll be seeing you around.


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