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The Benefits of Beard Oil : Why You Should Use It.


In our last article, we took an in depth look at our Signature Carrier Oil Blend.  We examined each of the four carrier oils we’ve used to craft our blend, and the benefits you and your beard can expect experience from using our oils on a regular basis.  For more information on the specific carrier oils found in our Hand Crafted Beard Oils, check out What is beard Oil.

In this article, the second in the series, we’ll be taking a look at the benefits of beard oil, and why it's even necessary in the first place(it is necessary, by the way.)

Why Use Beard Oil?  

That’s actually a damn good question.  

Since the dawn of civilization, bearded men have had to deal with same annoying issues:  Beard Itch, Beardruff(beard dandruff) Split Ends, and Dull, Frizzy Beard make the journey to bearded perfection a long, and sometimes uncomfortable undertaking.  Surprisingly, all it takes to prevent, or at the very least minimize these annoying and sometimes embarrassing conditions is a few drops of oil once a day.  Seriously, we’re talking like 2 minutes max per day.

Beard Oil and the Dreaded Beard Itch: New Growth vs. Chronic Itch

Actually, there are two causes of itch associated with beard growth: New Growth Itch and Chronic Itch.  Bear oil helps with both.

New Growth Itch is the result of keeping your mug shaved smooth like a woman.  Hair grows out of the follicles at various angles.  Due to this growth, the end of the hair is cut at an angle by the razor when shaving.  Essentially, each time you shave, the hair is sharpened to a fine point on the end.  At approximately 2 weeks into your beard growing endeavor, the hairs will begin to curl..  As the hairs curl back toward the face, the sharp pointed hairs poke and irritate the skin.  

This is usually the point when most men give in and shave.  The manliest of us are determined to push through this phase and suck it up.  However, this all too common issue can be minimized by using beard oil.  

Although the oil isn’t really “necessary” at this early stage of beard growth, the added moisture beard oil provides can soften the hairs, reducing the overall irritation.  It’s also important to note that some carrier and essential oils are known to have anti-inflammatory properties.   Using those specific oils can dramatically reduce New Growth Itch.

If you’re man enough to make it through the New Growth stage, you’ll have 2-3 weeks of smooth sailing...until Chronic Itch sets in.

Chronic itch is a bit more complicated.    Let's take a look at the beard and skin to see why beard oil is so effective and stopping this annoying itch dead in its tracks.

At the base of every single beard hair is a follicle. (in man-speak, the follicle is the hole in your skin that the hair grows out of.)  Within each of these follicle are two small oil glands; the sebaceous glands.  The purpose of the sebaceous glands is to produce sebum.  Sebum is the natural oil our bodies produce to nourish our skin and hair, and protect them from the elements.

For non-bearded gents, or guys with shorter beards, the sebaceous glands are usually able to produce enough sebum to coat the skin and hair, preventing moisture loss.  However, the longer the beard, the more sebum is needed to properly protect the hair AND skin from dehydration.

Sebaceous glands don’t grow with your beard.  They just stay the exact same size no matter how long the hair gets.  Since they don't grow, your sebaceous glands are only capable of producing a limited amount of oil for the skin and hair.   It’s basically a supply and demand problem; too much hair, not enough oil.  Your skin dries out and chronic beard itch sets in.

Beard oil supplements your skin's’ own natural oil.  Locking in moisture, maintaining hydrated healthy skin and hair.  Hydrated skin doesn’t itch...and it doesn’t flake either!

The Dreaded Beardruff

That’s dandruff for your beard in case you didn't know. 

We just discussed the nature of beard itch and the role sebum(and moisture) play in preventing it.  In similar fashion, Beardruff is also the result of dry skin...and scratching the annoying itch.

Again, once your beard gets a bit longer(typically around ¾”), the sebaceous glands aren’t able to provide enough oils to keep the skin and hair well hydrated.  Chronic beard itch sets in, and the scratching begins.   Dry skin + scratching = flakes...Flakes = Beardruff. 

 Although using beard oil prevents dry skin and beard itch, dandruff/beardruff can also be the result of a mineral deficiency in the skin; most commonly a zinc deficiency.  Many anti-dandruff shampoo’s contain zinc or zinc oxide to help replace the zinc your skin is lacking.     Jojoba Oil is rich in zinc and has been used as a natural substitute for commercial anti-dandruff treatments for quite some time.  Beard oils that use Jojoba as one of their primary carrier oils provide exceptional protection against beardruff

Split Ends and Brillo Beard

When you start to use beard oil on a regular basis, you’ll begin notice a change in the way your beard looks and feels.   With regular use the dry, brittle, dead grass look and feel will begin to improve.  You beard will be easier to style and maintain.

If you’re going for the long bearded look, beard oil is an absolute necessity.   The added moisture and nourishment beard oil provides will reduce or minimize split ends.   Split end reduction is a essential for keeping and maintaining a long, healthy beard since you won’t have to trim the beard as often.

Not to mention, the added shine just makes the beard look much, much healthier overall.

How do I put this stuff on?

Applying beard oil really isn't all that complicated.  A few drops massaged into the beard and face is all you really need.   It’s important to do this immediately after showering so the beard oil has a chance to seal in the moisture your hair and skin will have absorbed in the shower.   

For a more detailed explanation, check out the video below:

The Right Tools for the job

Last, but not least, you’ll want to get yourself a quality beard brush and comb.

Most of us typically start by picking up a cheap comb or brush from the local grocery store.  What most of us don’t know is that these cheap grooming tools can actually do more damage than good.  Instead of going the cheap-o route, pick up a boar bristle beard brush, and a wooden comb.

Boar bristle brushes not only feel great on your skin, they polish the hair and help spread the oil throughout your beard.  Wooden combs do the same.  If you’d rather use a plastic comb, Kent combs are one of the best on the market.  Their saw cut, hand polished teeth, won't damage the hairs like the mass produced junk you find in your local drug store.

Boar bristle brushes, wooden combs, and Kent products can be found at any number of online retailers.  You can find all three here as well.

Final Thoughts

The fact is, there are some truly great beard care products available on the market today.  Some are better than others. Click here to check out Bohemian Brothers 100% Natural Beard Oils.  Your beard will thank you.

If you have any questions, or would like us to cover a specific topic in our next article, feel free to email us at

Thanks for stopping by.

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