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BEARD OIL VS. BEARD BALM - Which is better for your beard?


What product is best for your beard?  Trying to answer that question for yourself can be overwhelming.  With all the various companies out there, offering so many different products, things can get pretty damn confusing.  Let’s take a few moments to review the info you need to decide which is best for you….Oil? Or Balm? 

In simple, straight-forward terms, beard oil and beard balm basically do the same thing for your beard hair and the underlying skin - both contain various ingredients that nourish and soften your skin and beard. However, the difference is pretty obvious when you see the physical products.  Beard oil (as it’s name implies) is liquid oil.  Beard balm, however, can range in texture from a soft, butter-like consistency, to a waxy solid.  So, which one is right for you?  The answer is both.  “Why?” you ask ...

Beard oil is simply a "leave in", daily use conditioner….nothing more. Don't expect any styling hold; it’s just not meant for that.  That’s not a bad thing though - beard oil is hands down, the single best thing you can add to your daily routine to help with the overall look and health of your beard.  Consisting of various  carrier oils and essential oils, beard oil will make your beard look and feel healthy. It’s smells great.  And the ladies absolutely love it.

Beard balm is a "leave in" conditioner as well.  A good beard balm contains beeswax, butters(shea and avocado), and oils(argan, jojoba, essential oils).  The oils and butters provide long lasting conditioning, while the beeswax provides a bit of styling hold to keep things looking nice and neat.

So, if one’s not better than the other, can you use them both?  Absolutely!  Apply the oil first.  If you’re applying balm as well, go light on the oil. Then put a small amount of balm on the “top" of your beard to help lock in the oils and give you some styling hold.  The combination of oil and balm will keep your beard looking great all day long.

That’s about it.  Pretty straight-forward isn’t it? It’s difficult to screw up beard care.  Play around with it; figure out what works best for your beard.  Just keep in mind that there is a difference between “healthy shine” and “oily mess" so go easy in the beginning and fine tune from there. 

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